Bud.TV renewed

Beer in the Hollywood Reporter – who would have thunk it?

Gail Schiller reports that despite dwindling traffic and reports it would be phased out by the end of this year the brewing giant is committed to Bud.TV through 2008.

“We wanted to get through the step of, ‘OK, should we continue into ’08 as we build our marketing plans?’ and that was the decision,” he (Tony Ponturo, vp global media and sports/entertainment marketing) said. “I think it (Bud.TV) is something that could have an ending someday, but I think if we keep learning from it and if we keep seeing assets from it … then it makes sense to continue the site.”

Traffic to Bud.TV has continued to slide from the 250,000 visitors the site had when it launched in February, averaging about 50,000 visitors recently.