Bud TV due after Super Bowl

When we wrote a couple of weeks back about Anheuser-Buisch’s push into providing program content the headline More ‘Bud TV’ seems likely was mostly meant to be flip.

But not according to today’s New York Times (registration required; free), which reports:

. . . as in Bud TV, an online entertainment network that Anheuser-Busch, the nation’s biggest brewer, is preparing to introduce the day after Super Bowl XLI is played in early February.

The network will be on a Web site that will have the bud.tv address.

This would be no small project. Just a few of the highlights:

– Bud TV would offer six channels of comedy, reality, sports and talk programming created for and by Anheuser-Busch. The tentative names for the channels include Comedy, Happy Hour and Reality.

– A-B in discussions with Joe Buck, the sportscaster, to develop a talk show.

– A seventh channel on Bud TV, tentatively named Bud Tube, will be styled after the popular Web site YouTube , giving consumers a chance to “generate their own Anheuser-Busch ads, comedic in nature,” which can be shared with other computer users.

That’s just the start.