Bud Black Crown to get Super treatment

Anheuser-Busch InBev will feature its new Budweiser Black Crown in advertising during Super Bowl. The new beer is scheduled to be on sale nationwide by Jan. 21. Last year, A-B introduced Bud Light Platinum during the Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl really is the ideal venue to launch something new,” Budweiser Vice President Rob McCarthy was quoted in USA Today.

Black Crown’s recipe was picked from among six limited-edition beers that were created by Budweiser brewmasters earlier this year. It was called 91406 in a Project 12 variety pack released in October. It is stronger than Budweiser, with 6% alcohol by volume compared to 5%, and slightly more bitter. McCarthy described it as “a little bit darker and a little bit more flavorful” than the traditional Budweiser lager.

A-B hopes to cater to variety-seeking Millennials with the new beer. “This brand will appeal to a broad range of beer drinkers, but especially to 21-to-34-year-old, trend-setting-type consumers,” McCarthy said.

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  1. Interesting, I was wondering what the “new bold flavors” would be from Budweiser this Superbowl Season. My guess would be that it goes the way of Bud Select and Bud Platinum: minimal market impact with a negligible amount of repeat drinkers – especially when it will cost a good percent more than its flagship beers.

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