Brewers who blog: Update

– The Saint Arnold Brewhouse, one of the first blogs from brewers that we found but unfortunately off line for some time, is back.

Post fromt he brewhouse certainly capture the spirit of the brewhouse, like this one:

If you are at all disturbed by shocking images of elaborate machinery being assembled by unorthodox means, then don’t look here! (I think that one image probably voids our warranty, so look quick before Brock makes me remove it!)

– Added to FeedDemon (our reader of choice) today: Lost Abbey’s Brewer’s Blog. Tomme Arthur promises to be properly dangerous when posting here.

It’s at least a little amusing that they feature the drawing of a monk writing in his journal, beer at his side, that adorns the bottle of Lost and Found Abbey. Shouldn’t he be at the keyboard, banging out a blog post?

– You can count on a post at the Flossmoor Beer Blog about every two weeks. Ones like this are worth the wait.

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  1. A genuine thanks for the plug of the blog. I do my best to make sure it doesn’t get too far behind in updates, but working for two and sometimes three different area brewpubs and breweries makes it a little harder to keep up on. Love what you guys do here, keep up the good work.

    andrew mason
    flossmoor station brewing co.

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