Brewers Associatioin promotes Bob Pease

Bob Pease has been promoted form vice president to chief operating officer of the Brewers Association. Pease will take on additional responsibilities in the area of personnel administration, and oversight in key operational areas such as finance and IT, with an enhanced role in government affairs.

Pease was hired in 1993 as the operations director and promoted to vice president in 1999.

Charlie Papazian remains president and CEO with continued focus on Brewers Association stewardship, government affairs, beer community relations and serving as a beer ambassador.

Papazian is the founder of the American Homebrewers Association and the Association of Brewers (subsequently merged into the Brewers Association), as well as the Great American Beer Festival.

“Since 1978, I have enjoyed championing the best interest of craft brewers and craft beer. I have seen the beer community through many dramatic changes—changes that are ultimately serving the best interests of both beer drinkers and brewers,” Papazian said. “I feel fortunate to continue leading the organization with someone as loyal and dedicated to the beer community as Bob. It’s also a privilege to have the guidance of a group of people as dynamic and passionate as our board of directors. Continuing my involvement is like waking up each morning in a beer garden, knowing there’s always another round being served.”