Bob Pease promoted to Brewers Association CEO

The Brewers Association announced today that Bob Pease has been promoted to Chief Executive Office from Chief Operating Officer of the not-for-profit trade organization.

A press release states that the “transition to CEO formalizes much of the responsibility that Pease has already progressively adopted. Pease holds responsibilities in the areas of personnel administration, government affairs, export development and oversight of all financial/fiduciary, operational and functional areas of the BA. He will serve as the Association’s key liaison to its board of directors.”

Pease began working for the association in 1993 as customer service manager. He later became operations direction, then vice president in 1999 and COO in 2010.

“I’m honored to receive this promotion,” Pease said for the press release. “And I am excited to lead the Brewers Association forward, continuing our efforts to accomplish key objectives on behalf of our members.”

Charlie Papazian — founder of the American Homebrewers Association and the Association of Brewers (subsequently merged into the Brewers Association) — remains BA president. “Since 1978, I have enjoyed championing the interests of craft brewers, homebrewers and their beers. And I have been fortunate to have a dedicated, talented colleague in Bob Pease, sharing those efforts with me for many of those years,” Papazian said.