Beer O’clock arrives earliest in Denmark

“Beer O’clock” arrives at Denmark 4:41 p.m., but not until 6:14 in the UK. That’s the time they’ll have their first drink at the bar, on average.

An average Frenchman is done at the bar by 8:33, while Germans don’t quit until 10:59 p.m.

Only one British in ten enjoys a pint with lunch anymore, while nearly a quarter of Danes have a lunchtime drink.

Those are some of the facts from a new report examining European drinking habits from SABMiller. The survey of beer drinkers in fifteen countries shows that with volumes of consumption rising in many nations, beer plays a central role in our social lives, as well as facts that may or may not surprise. For instance:

– Italians more than any nationality drink beer in a restaurant.
– Beer accounts for 64% of alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic, and the Czechs are most loyal to their own beer.
– The Polish are least likely to drink on their own.

The full report.