Beers and links for the weekend

– Pennsylvanian Dale Van Wieren has recorded every beer he’s drank since 1971 and tomorrow he’ll knock back No. 10,000. Don Russell has the story.

– Yule Beer Blog Photo Contest returns. You’d already know this if you were reading Beer for the Holidays.

– A six-pack of holiday beer suggestions: Samuel Adams Holiday Porter, Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve, Goose Island Christmas Ale, Stoudt’s Winter Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale and Alaskan Winter Ale.

– Women of Craft Beer: A Quick List. Pioneers, brewers, advocates and more.

– How do you know beer’s hip? They’re loving it in Hollywood and the rest of Los Angeles.

– Looking ahead. Deschutes Jubel will be back in February. From the press release: “This ‘Super Jubel’ was discovered by accident two decades ago when a clumsy burglar didn’t realize the weight of his stolen keg of Jubelale. He dropped it outside to freeze in the season’s sub-zero temperatures – only to be discovered the next morning by Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery owner. More than half the liquid in the keg had frozen and the remaining beer was a very cold, highly concentrated ‘Jubelale on steroids.’ It was so good that the brewers set about recreating it, coming up with an annual ‘Super Jubel’ that is aged in oak barrels. A limited amount has been available on tap every year, 2010 will be only the second time that the brewery has bottled up this brew for sale. The first time it was available by bottle was a special millennium edition in 2000.”

– MillerCoors has launched, a “consumer website designed to educate consumers about its corporate social responsibility initiatives.”