Banned in Utah

You have to think there is a homebrewer or beer lover in Utah who is cringing to see the attention a vanity license plate with “merlot” on it received this weekend.

Glenn Eurick’s 1996 Mercedes has had the license plate reading “merlot” for 10 years. He says the plate never got a lot of notice until the Utah Tax Commission told him last week that he had to remove it because the state doesn’t allow words of intoxicant to be used on vanity plates.

Eurick was fine until an anonymous caller told the state that merlot was an alcoholic beverage.

Will somebody driving around with plates that read zymurgy or porter be next?

9 Replies to “Banned in Utah”

  1. “porter” would probably be interpreted as a reference to Porter Rockwell, an early Mormon thug and enforcer.

    ….And as such would be okay.

  2. I might disagree with the Mormom thug comment as I was raised Mormon, but I do think Utah is definitely violating someones 1st amendment rights with such a ban. Should probably have more separation of church and state out there in Utah.

  3. Force the teen girls into polygamy but no merlot license plate? Sounds like Calvin’s Geneva out there. No dancing either I bet. God is definitely dead.

  4. Gee, it took 10 years for Utah to find out that MERLOT grapes could me made into merlot wine? They are really swift in Utah.

  5. Utah is not alone out there in interpreting the meaning of license plates. I drove for 5 years with the New York plate PRURIENT bringing smiles to the faces of many people who saw it, before a single complaint by a Motor Vehicle clerk resulted in me receiving a letter informing me that the plate had been cancelled because it offended others by displaying a lewd and lascivious message.

  6. Somebody on the horn to the ACLU ? “Should probably have more separation of church and state out there in Utah.” — Actually, we need this worldwide.

  7. Is this man fighting this? If so, we need to join the fight! Free Speech is free speech, people, and this is a gross violation of the first admendment!

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