Australian wineries woo ‘beer snobs’

New South Wales’s De Bortoli Wines, Victoria’s Otway Estate and Western Australia’s Woodsmoke Estate/Jarrah Jack’s partnership are all set to enter the beer brewing business.

University of Southern Queensland’s wine industry liaison Rob Learmonth said there is talk among the state’s wine tourism association about the growing market for boutique beers.

“At the cellar door, some people would prefer to have a beer than a wine,” Learmonth said.

Not everybody agrees the trend has legs, but meanwhile some interesting drinks might emerge.

Brewing expert at the University of Ballarat Peter Aldred said having brewers working alongside wine-makers would create some interesting flavors in their products.

“When you get brewers and wine-makers together there are definitely some interesting conversations,” Dr Aldred said.

Anyway, here’s how starts the story:

“A new breed of snooty beer drinkers is replacing chardonnay sippers in vineyards across the nation as wineries jump on the booming boutique beer bandwagon.”

2 Replies to “Australian wineries woo ‘beer snobs’”

  1. This is really nothing new; In Western Australia’s Margaret River region the Bootleg Brewery has been “an island of beer in an ocean of wine” for more than a decade.

  2. mostly people like beer instead of wines because beer didn’t came any smell when you are at the door of wine cellar you smell too much nasty smell of wines so you prefer beer instead of wine.

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