Aussies get lower alcohol choice

Headline: Boutique beers sales up 12%, mainstream sales flat.

Just another quarterly update from the United States? No, this is from Australia.

In reaction, Foster’s has decided for the first time to produce a weaker version of Victoria Bitter (also known as VB), putting a yellow-label on the 3.5% abv beer. VB, which has been around 113 years, is 5% and is known for its distinctive green label.

Reuters reports that hundreds of craft breweries are opening and aiming to rival small European makers, turning Australians away from traditional lagers and on to more complex beer styles.

2 Replies to “Aussies get lower alcohol choice”

  1. This is Bullshit! Australia loves their beer just the way it is. We dont fucking want that softer shit. NO NO NO! not another monkey see monkey do moment for us! 🙁 (with america i mean). they have the shit beer, let them keep it… we like our VB/Tooheys/Coopers, fuck that other shit!


  2. you ignorant foolish fairchild. that is definately the dumbest thing i’ve ever read in my life. i’m sorry you live in such a helmet of individual stupidity. if you knew anything about beer, and enjoyed it in any way, you would be happy to have a new lower alc choice.

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