Another vote on specialty beer in Alabama

The vote on Alabama’s “Gourmet Beer” bill could come as early as tomorrow.

“Free The Hops” is asking for your help: “Because the Gourmet Beer Bill has already passed the State House of Representatives, this is the final step before sending this bill to the Governor. It’s very close, so please contact your senator to express your support.”

When this bill was debated in the House, many legislators spoke of the dozens of phone calls they received from their constituents. Your phone calls and emails really do make a difference and is one of the primary reasons we passed in the House. Let’s do this again!

When you call your senator’s office, you’ll likely speak to a secretary who will only be interested in knowing the bill number and your position. Here’s an example of what to say if you’re not sure:

“My name is (your name) and I’m calling to let Senator (senator name) know that I support HB196, The Gourmet Beer Bill. I would like him/her to vote Yes on this bill. Thank you for your time. Have a pleasant day.”

Visit Free The Hops for details.