And the light beer winner is . . .

In the name of public service, Channel 3 in Philadelphia compares light beers, enlisting beer columnist Don Russell to conduct a blind tasting with his neighbors.

Could they offer a solid consensus?

Our taste testers were pretty much evenly split, preferring the Miller, Heineken and Amstel Lite beers.

Only America’s number one selling beer, Bud Light failed to get a thumbs up.

Until somebody tells us the best light beer to drink we’ll have to stay with something heavier.

One Reply to “And the light beer winner is . . .”

  1. Bud Light failed to get a thumbs up? While I agree with the sentiment( BL tastes like it’s been warm-filtered through a large horse), the beer judges at the last couple of GABFs might be surprised, seeing as how BL seems to medal every year. Then again, the American Light Lager category seems to have been created for the sole purpose of determining which beer Judas was being force fed in Dante’s Inferno.

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