Amazon may partner with for online sales

Amazon is ready to start selling wine in the US, the Financial Times reports.

According to Decanter, a UK-based wine publication, Amazon will work in partnership with

It wouldn’t be simple, as the Motley Fool explains:

Pimping vino via cyberspace is a thorny issue. Moving libations over state lines is a regulatory challenge. That may explain why Amazon pulled the plug on its 1999 minority stake in – which now simply redirects to privately held – even before the dot-com bubble popped.

There is no mention in any reports about beer.

One Reply to “Amazon may partner with for online sales”

  1. I would welcome the world getting into shipping beer and wine via the mail. If there was a place like Amazon where you could order just about any kind of beer or wine and browse hundreds of styles online that would be great.

    Still, it’s nearly impossible to get by all of the existing liquor laws. How the heck to you ensure age verification online? Also, how do you keep the product from spoiling in the heat of summer?

    Would love to see something like this work but perhaps it has to be set up on a state by state level and regulated by delivery companies who don’t mind having to check age verification before dropping off a shipment.

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