Alchemy & Science acquires Coney Island brands

Alchemy & Science announced that it has acquired all rights to the Coney Island beer brands.

Jeremy Cowan, who founded He’brew Beer in 1996, launched the Coney Island brand in 2007. Alan Newman, president of Alchemy & Science, said that as part of the transaction, Cowan will join Alchemy & Science in an advisory capacity. He’brew Beer is not part of the deal and Cowan will continue to operate his own, new, brewery in upstate New York.

“Jeremy is very excited to join us and be an important part of the future of Coney Island brands,” Newman said for a press release. “We are thrilled to collaborate with him to build on his hard work. He is a talented brewer with a flair for eye-catching branding. And personally, I am thrilled to re-visit my youth spent in Coney Island.”

Alchemy & Science – located in Burlington, Vt. – describes itself as a craft beer incubator.