A-B’s hometown winners

Following up on the Anheuser-Busch initiative that let drinkers in Ohio and New England choose a beer that A-B would brew for regional distribution.

The winning “hometown beers”:

In Ohio, Burnin’ Helles – “This rich and malty Bock-style lager will tempt you as it showcases the finest domestic malts and the best hand-picked Bavarian Hallertau hops. It’s a true salute to more than 200 years of Ohio’s proud brewing tradition. This beer will appeal to those who have ‘a bit of a devil in you.’ (6.3% alcohol by volume)”

In New England, Demon’s Hop Yard IPA – “Incredibly ‘hopped-up’ and citrusy ale — using domestically grown hops varietals to get the rich and robust flavor. Only one place in New England could provide us with hops this diabolical. (7% alcohol by volume)”

The beers are scheduled to go on tap June 26.