World Cup lifts German beer sales

The World Cup left German brewers feeling optimistic about growth after they worked around the clock to keep up with demand during the month-long tournament.

Birte Kleppien from the German Beer Brewers’ association said while the industry had expected to do well from the World Cup, the wave of national euphoria that accompanied Germany’s progress to the semi-finals had provided an unexpected boost.

“And then there have been other things, too,” she said. “For example we never expected the English to descend en masse on the breweries in Cologne and show a real liking for the local beer — even though it’s served in small glasses.”

But with demand slipping every year, brewery operators understand their work is ahead of them.

“The brewing industry didn’t do anything for its image for years,” said Joerg Schillinger of InBev. “A lot of young people see beer as a drink for old guys with beer bellies. The industry must be more innovative and pay more attention to what consumers want to drink.”

Sound familiar?