Joe Sixpack’s shopping list

Joe Sixpack, otherwise known as Don Russell, has assembled quite the list, with suggestions from books to beer. Plus some unusual items.

“FOR THE WALL FLOWER: The Lagunitas Brewing Butterfly Bottle Opener. Guaranteed to turn the recipient into the life of the party. Either that or he’ll poke his eye out.”

Russell modestly waits until the end to mention his own new release for the holidays, “What the Hell am I Drinking?” It’s a major guide, with checklists for more than 1,500 brands. But it’s also fun. Russell provides 50 essays on beer styles, along the way probing the questions you really want answers to. Such as:

* The beers of Chaucer and Charlie Sheen.
* What Guinness tasted like 100 years ago.
* The real Champagne of beers.
* The medicinal value of Scotch Ale.
* How American beat the Brits in the IPA war.

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