Great Beers of Belgium, 6th Edition

Michael Jackson’s legacy as “the beer hunter” prevails in the new sixth edition of the Great Beers of Belgium. This final text, 15 years in the making, displays Jackson’s superior talent as a writer and his tireless passion as a lover of beer.

This updated version contains listings covering 326 different beers across 13 style groups, on more than 500 pages of text and enhanced with nearly 800 color photographs. The text includes over 50% more information than the third and last edition published in the U.S. in 1998.

“Michael Jackson’s fascination with Belgian beer drove him to continuously research and expand this book,” said Ray Daniels, Director of Publications at the Brewers Association. “This final revision gives the most complete picture of Belgian beer ever assembled in the English language.”

Great Beers of Belgium

Along with an image of the beer bottle and appropriate glass, Jackson intricately describes each beer’s character and flavor. He takes care to provide the reader with the background of each brewery and the personal stories of the people behind these amazing beers.

“Revised and updated shortly before his death, this work represents the pinnacle of Jackson’s meticulous research and masterful writing, presented in a beautifully illustrated visual environment,” said Daniels.

Originally a newspaper reporter, Jackson began to fully focus on the worldwide resurgence of beer in the mid 1970’s. His award winning television series, “The Beer Hunter” has been shown in 15 different countries. Jackson’s accolades extend to all mediums of journalism and in 1997, he was the first non-brewer to be inducted into the Confédération des Brasseries de Belgique, The Union of Belgian Brewers.

The book is supplemented with practical information for travelers to Belgium and those who seek good Belgian beer in communities around the world. It is perfect for at-home reference and as a travel companion. Visit Great Beers of Belgium for more information and sample listings. The book may also be purchased online at the Brewers Association’s Beer Enthusiast Store, at

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