How to be a ‘good elf’

Some proper tips from UK brewer Daniel Thwaites, which created a beer called “Good Elf” for the holiday . . .

A press release in 2009 describes it: “mahogany coloured beer has big, rich overtones of nuttiness, balanced with a light fruit flavour and delicate hop aroma – a festive twist to the traditional toast between family and friends.”

Meanwhile the brewery’s tips for how to be a good elf (we left the British spelling intact):

1. The first step to being a good elf is to acquire the appropriate attire. Anyone can find these special garments during the Christmas season. You will know the perfect pieces when you see them. They will catch your eye and you will find yourself smiling as you look at them and feel good when you picture yourself wearing them.

2. The best elf costumes always have a few small bells sewn into the design. Bells should always be small and only leave just a slight sound as you perform your secret good elf deeds. Bells placed in just the right spots will make a sound but make it hard for people to detect exactly where the sound is coming from!

3. The very best of elves are full of mystery. They secretly perform good deeds and hardly ever get caught! They work in the full light of day and also under the cover of night. The more good things you can get away with in secret, the higher the rank you will earn among the other elves. If you are really good and lucky at not getting caught doing good deeds you could become a fully fledged Santa’s Helper!

4. Santa’s Helper elves are good at recruiting new elves and teaching them their tricks. They change the world for the better by increasing the actual volume of good deeds being preformed everywhere! They make it a Christmas ritual to add fun and magic to the lives of others and many of them carry the spirit in their heart throughout the entire year, performing good deeds every single day.

5. Santa’s Helper elves are very special and do great deeds. They are experienced in keeping secrets and excellent at covering their tracks. It really is the highest honour!

Daniel Thwaites has operated as a family-run brewery since 1807.

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