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Jun 19, 2024

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Real Beer receives questions every day from readers who aren't sure where else to turn. We try to answer them in as timely a manner as we can, but some days the mail can be overwhelming. Often the answers are already available at, so you may want to search our library first.

Beer Dave -- Dave Gausepohl, who has more than 400,000 items in his beer collection and says he has "a long winded story for each one" -- provides many of the answers. Other times we'll tap into the expetise of our friends in the beer and brewing community.

Here is how it works. You email your questions to Ask Real Beer. Some we'll answer only by direct mail, but many we'll post here — so please look at the list before sending email.

Looking for a beer
Aktien Oktoberfest
Alimony Ale
Ballantine Ale
Bomber's "Noseart"
Dead Guy Ale
Double Diamond
Fiedlers Pils
Ironworks Hellbender
Melbourne Bros. Apricot Ale
Old Style
Rattle Snake
San Miguel
South Pacific Export Lager
Strongbow Cider

Beer facts/trivia
Does Guinness Stout or Miller Lite have more calories?
How much alcohol is in different beers?
When were twist off bottle caps invented?
What the meaning of '33' on a Rolling Rock bottle?
Are there any beers with names beginning with Q?
What bar has the most beers on tap?
How many cases of beer are in a half barrel?
Does beer or wine have more calories?
How many calories in Bud and how does that compare?
Who sold the first six-pack of beer?
What brewery made a super premium known as Signature?
How many people will a pony keg serve?
Can beer be sold on eBay?
Did beer get an encyclopedia banned in Texas?
What beers have no alcohol and no wheat?
Who sells stubby bottles?
Who sells the most beer?
What does BBL mean?
How do I make a cowboy hat out of an 18-pack?

I have an unopened 6-pack of Billy Beer. What is it worth?
What was the use of this pail with Heilemann's on it?
Lady Di wedding beer.
Looking for Stork beer items.
How do I contact Beer Can Collectors of America?
Where can you find beer can hats?
What's the value of treacle mugs?
What's the value of M*A*S*H 4077TH beer?
Would a Jung beer tray be from Milwaukee?
What's the story behind "picnic" bottles from the Globe Brewing Co.?
Are cans of Schlitz and Old Milwaukee worth anything?
Where can I learn more about Cumberland "Queen City" Brewing Co. beer cans?
Can you identify a try with Chas. W. Shonk Co. Litho on it?
How do I remove labels from bottles?
What's the value of a can of Dolphin beer?
What do you know about beer signs with rotating outdoor scenes?
What is Hamms jewelry worth?
Where can I fied a "Stalking the wild Rainier" poster?
What's the history of a woman and tiger label from from Savannah Brewing Co. of Georgia?
Where can I find "bumbas" (fishbowl glasses)?
I'd like to know about the "Custer's Last Fight" post from Anheuser-Busch.

Beer history
What's American's oldest brewery?
What's the history of Acme Brewing Co.?
Is Hamm's still brewed?
What's the history of the Lima Brewing Co.?
What's the story behind Golden Gate beer?
What happened to the Narragansett and Ballatine brands?
Was that Lieberman, Liebermann, Leiberman or Leibermann in Pennsylvania?
Do you have information about California's Buffalo Brewing Company?
Was George Washington really a homebrewer?
Whatever happened to Herman Joseph beer?
When did David Mayer Brewing Co. operate?
Who brewed Clipper beer around 1980

How can I learn to grow hops?
How can I find professional beer schools?
How is a microbrewery defined?
What is the meaning of degrees Plato?
Why do my homebrewed beers taste like cider?
What's the difference in production methods between kegged beer and bottled beer?
Is there a machine that will make beer?
Can I still brew with grain that was bug infested?
Where can I buy hop rhizomes?

Beer appreciation
Is there a preferred/correct temperature for beer glasses?
I'm looking for a beer-of-the-month club.
What's the best tasting beer?
Does Paulaner Hefeweizen have a banana in it?
Does cold beer go bad when it gets to room temperature for more than 24 hours?
How should I drink a barley wine?
Is wheat beer really better for you?
Is there such thing as mustard flavored beer?
Should I dedicate glasses to beer only?
Where can I find help building a basement bar?
Where can I buy 1/2-yard glasses?
Why is there "widget in my can of stout?
Why does my beer spill out of bottle when I open it?
Where can a Brit find Real Ale in Boston?

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