May 29, 2024

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Ireland: Green island, dark beer

Man with stout Ireland has long been the land of dry stout -- a style that Michael Jackson notes is to the beer world what a true amontillado sherry is to wine. A country of extraordinary beauty and history, it's also home to the magic known as an "Irish pub." A new book pays tribute in word and pictures.

What makes Irish pubs so appealing? The answer is different for many. Their popularity is a worldwide phenomenon. Guides to pubs in Ireland, the United States and Europe.

The perfect pint

Irish stouts are pitch black, and that is itself enough to scare off timid drinkers. Yet within that fearsome darkness lies also an element of intrigue. Learn about stout as well as other beers brewed in Ireland.

Irish Cottage

An Irish primer, with information about weather, currency, tipping, shopping and more. You'll even find a rough pronunciation guide to some basic phrases, plus a guide to some basic signage like leithreas (toilet).
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