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May 28, 2024

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August 2000

I have a 22x13 picture of western (cowboy) dressed men in a bar. They are drinking beer, as it shows the bartender pouring a glass from a keg on the bar with Hamms printed on it. The figures are all in black ink on a sepia? or senna? color background. In the right lower edge it is printed "From the Hamms 1865 Collection." My Dad wholesaled Hamms beer in the 50's and I found it in his house after he passed away. Is it worth anything? My mother has 14kt gold jewelry given to her by the Hamms Brewing Co. as gifts. 2 bracelets with a gold stein charm with a blue stone in it. It doesn't say Hamms on it. My mother is 89 and alive and can verify, in writing, if necessary that indeed they came from the Hamms Brewing Co. Do they have any value to a collector? Thank you for your time in answering my questions. It will be much appreciated. Mary Schmitz

From Beer Dave: Ale Mary, Hamms was founded in 1865. That is what is meant in the Hamms 1865 Collection. Hamms items are highly collectible. Most true Hamms collectors would know of the Hamms jewelry. Go to and locate the North Star Chapter. They will steer you right and that's no bull.

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