Jul 18, 2024

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Mexico and Mexican beer

Mexico has a thriving brewing custom that dates from Aztec times, as well as a tradition from the 19th century. While it produces fine examples of European styles the traditional beer is pulque. Michael Jackson goes looking for it.

Especialidades Cerveceras, a pioneering micro in Monterrey, makes beers under the Casta label that are not at all like those from the nation's two big breweries. Astonishingly, they are all ales.

In a visit to a brewery in Mexico, Michael Jackson discovers the secret of eternal youth.

In April of 2000 we surveyed Real Beer Page readers about what beer they most would like to be left with on a deserted island, Corona finished fifth. That shouldn't surprise us since Corona surpassed Heineken in 1998 as the best selling import in the United States. Here's what some readers had to write about their favorite beer.

Three from Mexico
Some Mexican beers show their European heritage. Richard Stueven of offers tasting notes on three of them:
German Light Lager
17 points (out of 20)
Pale golden, high carbonation, no head. Very nice floral-spicy aroma. Good body, nice nutty-malty flavor. Pretty clean finish. Nice beer.
Negra Modelo
Vienna/Märzen/Oktoberfest 16 points
Brown-red, moderate carbonation, OK head. Sweet aroma, toffee, some diacetyl. Dark and bitter. Lingering bitter finish with hints of black malt. This makes a passable Altbier.
Cerveza Tecate
German Light Lager
14 points
Golden, good carbonation, OK head. Malty-sweet aroma. A little bit on the sweet side of well-balanced. Good body, though, and not too fizzy.

Anheuser-Busch's Tequiza

Tequiza proved to be so popular during its first year of national distribution that A-B recently began shipping Tequiza Extra. Writing about Tequiza, Stephen Beaumont of World of Beer notes: "The front is sweet and a little lime-ish, while the body is an odd mix of light, sweet lager, lime cordial and fresh lime, grassy notes and a very faint boozy edge. The finish is lingering sugar and lime with perhaps a hint of spice." He also tried it with lemon-lim salt and splashed over ice. Read the whole story.

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