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May 30, 2024

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August 2000

Do you know where I could find a poster or picture of the beer guys from the "Stalking the wild Rainier" ad campaign? I don't remember much about the ads (I think they came out in the 80s and I'm only 22), but they featured guys dressed up in beer bottle costumes (all you could see were the guys' legs). My dad is a long-time Seattle resident who has a lot of fond memories of the old Rainier Brewing cO. I wanted to get him a fun and unusual gift for his upcoming 50th birthday. Thanks for your help!

From Beer Dave: It made me sick to see Rainier close down. Rainier had classic and unforgettable advertising. Mickey Gooney was also featured in some of their ads. Go to and locate the Rainier Chapter. Any number of their members can help you with the search for your Pop's big 50 party.

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