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May 30, 2024

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November 1999

I am curious about the value of an old beer stein that belonged to my grandfather. It was made in Germany around 1900 I guess. It is in the shape of a chubby little man. The top of the stein lifts up (from his shoulders to the head). I know it is impossible for you to know the value but I dont know where to begin to seek this information. Appreciate yourdon'ton beer and came up empty handed. Let me know what you can find.

From Beer Dave: Ballantine was founded in 1840 in Newark, NJ. The Ballantine Mansion is now a Museum in Newark. Ballantine closed the Newark Brewery in 1971. Narragansett was brewed just outside of Providence, RI in the city of Cranston. This brewery closed in 1984. Both of these brands have been merged into the vast Pabst portfolio of beers. Narragansett used to brew a nice bock and a great porter. Dr. Seuss' father and uncle were officers of this brewery for years. In fact Chief Gansett the Narragansett mascot was created by Dr. Seuss. Ballantine three years ago sadly quit brewing their India Pale Ale. They also brewed a world renowned Burton ale. Ballantine & Narragansett can still be found in small pockets of the Northeast & New England.

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