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May 30, 2024

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December 1999

The question you have been asked a hundred times. What does the "33" represent on the back of the Rolling Rock bottle? I have been told everything from it is just one of those make you wonder things to it's the number of words on the back of the bottle. Does Latrobe Brewing/Rolling Rock have a web site? I have been unable to locate one.

Beer Dave provides an answer. One of the most asked questions pertaining to beer is: What does the 33 on the Rolling Rock label stand for. At last count I knew of at least 33 answers to this question. The brewery will not publish an answer to this mystery. This Brewery in Latrobe, PA is owned by the Belgian Brewer Interbrew. Do a search for Rolling Rock and you find a number of unofficial sites that publish various answers to the 33 mystery.

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