Jun 22, 2024

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Central European beer

Okocim BreweryMichael Jackson writes: "Here there are three brewhouses, all still in use, spanning the history of Okocim. Two are in copper, with vessels in the traditional shape. The third, dating from the early days, has curiously bevelled vessels, painted green. The fermenters are open squares in Gothic arched cellars."

Stephen Beaumont tastes a range of seldom-seen rarities, such as Breznak and Zavis. He did three rounds of tasting, so start here and keep clicking.
- Also, tasting notes for Golden Pheasant.

The Czech Republic has a long history of exporting beer, but it is a small country, and can sometimes take a parochial view of its own assets. Only recently has it attempted to explain to the consumer why its beers are renowned among connoisseurs.

Czech prime minister Vladimir Spidla has ruled that Budweiser Budvar will stay in government hands, protected from privatization and inevitable sale to a global brewer.

Roger Protz has long treasured Kozel from the Czech brewery Velke Popovice, but is particularly interested in unraveling the mystery of the Kozel logo. The symbol of the billy goat has historic connections with strong lagers known as Bock that are brewed in Munich and Bavaria, the southern region of Germany close to the Czech Republic.

The fathers of modern lager beer, Gabriel Sedlmayr II and Anton Dreher Sr, are gaining new recognition - not in Germany or Austria, their respective birthplaces, but in Hungary.

Beer from a Polish brewery arrives in Winona, Minn., which has such a surprising connection to the Namyslow brewery. Mike Gostomski, the lead shareholder of three partners who bought the Namyslow, Poland brewery in 1999, is a Winona businessman. His son, class of 1990 Winona Senior High School graduate Ryan Gostomski, is the brewmaster, president and manager of the Namyslow brewery.
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