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May 28, 2024

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March 2000

Hello, my name is Jeff Cresto and I am from San Diego, California. Did you know it's legal to drink beer on the beach down here? I am hoping you can help me with a long and unsuccessful search. I am trying to find my dad's favorite beer of all time. It is called Herman Joseph, and it's the premium beer brewed by Coors. It is named after the founder of Coors and is damn hard to find. I would love to buy it for him as anice surprise since he hasn't had it or even seen it in years. Please let me know of anywhere or any possible way that I could buy him a case. I and my father would VERY much appreciate any help and insight you can give on locating Herman Joseph. Thank you for your time and effort.

From Beer Dave: After three separate lackluster attempts at marketing this brand the Coors people have given up the sip! This brand is no longer in production. It went out for good about two years ago. The closest thing to the original HJ is the Winterfest brew that they issue every holiday.

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