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Your guide to cooking with beer, pairing beer and food, and other beer and dining tips. Got a great recipe of you own that includes beer? We might publish it.

Also referred to as Honey wine, Mead could be the first alcoholic beverage ever to pass the lips of man. Known by many names and as different as individual snowflakes, Mead is a global beverage. Predating both grape wine and beer, it's known in various forms on every continent on earth.

The United Kingdom is home to the British pub and real ale. Its beers provided inspiration for the microbrewery movement throughout the world.

Michael Jackson has written: "There are other great beer nations, and there is Germany." No matter the region or the season, you'll find Germans with a special beer in hand.

What's better than cold fresh draft beer 24/7 in the privacy of your own home? From finding a fridge to picking a kit to answering common draft questions, the Beverage Factory provides the information on everything you need to know to build and maintain your own Kegerator.

Beer has no fat, but it can leave you with a beer belly. Here's a look at beer and your health, the good and the bad, plus a chart to let you know when to say when and a guide to alcohol content and "fat" information on hundreds of beers.

It's the land where lager was born, home to the most enthusiastic beer drinkers in the world, sacred hop territory, and plenty more. Start your tour of Central Europe in Lublin region of Poland and "sniff at the source.

"Belgian beers have become fashionable," Michael Jackson writes, "yet the pleasures they offer have been truly explored by only a discerning minority of drinkers." A complete guide.

Contrary to what some people think, there really is such a thing as bad beer. I've sampled a bunch of them.
  Source: Stephen Beaumont, World of Beer

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