May 30, 2024

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Belgium and Belgian beer

"Belgian beers have become fashionable," Michael Jackson writes, "yet the pleasures they offer have been truly explored by only a discerning minority of drinkers."

At a festival in Brussels in September of 2000, Jackson spotted a sign promising that a couple of beers a day would keep the doctor away. "I could not imagine that being posted in London or D.C., either, despite plenty of recent evidence that it is true," he wrote.

The styles, the breweries where they are produced and the beers themselves.

A trip to Belgium can be "a prescription for eating too much and drinking too well." Embark at your own risk.

It is no longer possible to list all the Belgian-influenced beers brewed in North America or all the bars and restaurants serving beer from Belgium, but we'll do our best to get you started.

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