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May 28, 2024

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Hi. Over this summer I did quite a bit of hiking and camping up in Sierra National Forest. On one of my trips I came across several really old beer cans that were still in fairly good shape. They were of the old punch-top design. You know, the ones with the seam down the side. Anyway, You could still read parts of the printed-on label. They were all "Golden Gate Beer," and have a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge printed on them. Unfortunately you couldn't read anything else on the can. I am interested in finding out more about where this was originally brewed, and how old it might be. Can you send me some information, or point me to somewhere I can get it myself.

From Beer Dave: Golden Gate beer was made by the Maier and then General Brewery out of Los Angeles, CA and Regal Pale out of San Francisco between 1958 and 1968. There is little value to the can because of the faded or rusted parts of the label. Put the best one behind your bar and the novice collector will think you have a rare artifact from California's brewing past.

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