Jun 24, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Brian Dunn

Great Divide Brewing - Sept. 24

In a lot of ways, today was a pretty routine work day. A couple visits to our distributor, visits to a couple of accounts, calls to suppliers on some new packaging etc. That'll all change tonight when the festivities get kicked off at the Brewers Dinner. It's been at the Wynkoop for the past few years. There are probably 15 to 20 really nice draft beers from all over the US that'll be poured (including our IPA). If a brewery has people in town for GABF, they'll most likely be at the dinner. It's packed with lots of familiar faces from over the years. There's all the usual catching up with people you haven't seen since last year's GABF ... with a great beer in hand. The craft beer business is really congenial and made up of a pretty good bunch of people. But that's just part of why GABF is so much fun.

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