May 21, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Brian Dunn

Great Divide Brewing - Sept. 26

Thursday was a busy one. The annual party at the brewery turned out well. Good food and good turnout. It's a great way to get the day kicked off. The Truffle, our local cheese shop did a great job mixing it up by providing 8 different cheeses. Most of the cheeses were pretty assertive and they paired really well with our IPA and Imperial Stout. Then off to the Convention Center to get the thing set up in time for the opening session.

We have at least 2 people from the brewery pouring beer at each of the sessions ... and my night to work was Thursday. Thursday is the mellowest of the three evening sessions. I like that one because if you're pouring beer, you can actually take the time to talk to people about the beer and ask them what they think. The other sessions are fun too, but it's pretty much pour 'em a beer and send em on their way. The breweries are separated by geographical areas, and I had some nice beers from our area, but didn't get much chance to wander to other parts of the US. There are 3 other sessions, so I'll have lots of time still to walk around and taste.

Today (Friday) is a pretty normal production day for us, other than there's lots of people cruising through the brewery with a beer in hand. Most are visiting brewers and it's a pretty good time showing them around. Especially when they bring us some of their beer. That's a hint to anyone planning to come by next year!

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