Apr 27, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Vinnie Cilurzo

Santa Rosa - September 29

Another GABF has past, we picked up one medal for our Temptation Belgian style ale, but more important for Russian River was the progress we made with several potential distributors. By the time the Saturday night session ended we had meet with six or seven distributors from all over the country, most of whom said they would take our beer right now if we had it. Once we get our doors open again we will not have enough to supply all of these outlets. It's a good problem to have. Lucky for us, we have room to expand in our new location.

My final thought about the GABF is a big congratulations to my good friend Tomme Arthur from Pizza Port, who won the Small Brewpub Brewmaster of the Year. I was in his position back in 1999 when I won the same award, except that was for the Small Microbrewery Brewmaster of the Year. It's an amazing award because there is so much press garnered from the award, I'm sure Tomme is still answering phone calls as I write this.

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