Jun 21, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Bill Bryson

Willoughby Brewing, Willouby, Ohio - Sept. 21

It has been an intense week of brewing — two batches of wheat ale, one Razz, and a Belgian Dubbel. We have been brewing, filtering, adding Raspberries (sounds easy but is sort of a process) and cleaning, etc.... I woke up this morning tired and sore, feeling like the last two weeks just disappeared. I realize that I have yet to pack or prepare myself in any way. Must wash clothes, buy those little baby travel toiletries, find the case for my glasses, remember to pack shoes I can walk in (got horrible blisters walking around Denver in a new pair of shoes two years ago!), and the list goes on.

Have to work at Taste of Willoughby, go to my niece's first birthday party, take my daughters to another birthday party, watch the Browns get whipped by the 'Niners ... the list goes on, seemingly interminably. We drive out every year. It always shocks people and they think it is the grueling part of the whole event. It is not. After all the other stuff, it is a relaxing and delightful way to see the country, forget about all the work you just put in, and mentally prepare for the week of beer in which you are about to partake!

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