May 26, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Bill Madden

Capitol City Brewing - Sept. 24

GABF is on my mind more and more. I have to coordinate all the Cap City crew that is flying out to Denver this Friday.

Friday? Yes Friday. I know that most of the "fun" stuff for brewers is happening starting today. I believe that the judging starts today. But this is the first time that Capitol City Brewing Company is sending the Crew. They (corporate) just did not want to break the bank on sending folks out and if it all goes smoothly maybe we will get to go again next year. This trip is mostly on the company dime. Years ago I used to go on my own but realized that my brewers wages were getting mightily stretched in the fall from GABF travels and the Holidaze. So here goes.

Maybe in the future I might judge at GABF, I have never done that (hint ... hint). I am not sure how that all works but some of the local GABF judges say it is all about contacting someone at the IBS or AOB and submitting a resume of beer sorts with some professional references. I hear that if you judge at GABF they will help out with your hotel stay so maybe that would get us out to Denver earlier, when Cap City does not have to foot the whole bill.

I believe judging starts today. Thoughts are on the beers we bottled weeks ago. Did we do it right? Are they still in good condition? Were they treated right during shipping and upon arrival? So much can go wrong and it is too much to think about. It is all in the judges glass and palate now. Nothing we can do.

I really am looking forward to just going to GABF, seeing old friends and peers in the biz. Having a few days away from the brewery will be relaxing. Sampling other brewers beers and trying to get some new ideas and material to keep the brewing creativity juices flowing is a requirement. Tough job I know. The GABF and the Craft Brewers Conference are the two best places to get new ideas for the brewery and I have been away from both of these events for too long. It is time to get back.

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