Apr 24, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Bill Bryson

Denver - Sept. 27

I am not as tense today as in years past. I think that judging has helped me to understand that there will always be good beers that don't make it. It gives you something to shoot for, but it can't become the focus. I wouldn't trade sales for any amount of awards — they are just icing on the cake. It is great to be recognized in the industry, by your peers. But it is great to sell through a batch of beer in half the time you expected, too. Ahh, well ... as you can imagine, this is philosophical window dressing for the fact that we came away without a medal, but I do believe it. In the cliched words of Oscar nominees since time began (or Academy Awards, anyway) "it was an honor just being nominated." You get the idea. I think we all win when beer is celebrated responsibly by people who love it not just for its alcoholic strength, but for all that it has given civilization over the centuries. The mutual appreciation of beer and beer culture brings us in touch with one another and it is fun. Can't ask for much more, can you?

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