Jun 25, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Todd Ashman

Denver - Sept. 24

I get up to a cup of Millstone Coffee's Mayan Black Onyx. I have another and I am ready to head over to the Embassy Suites to judge. I judging Kolsch and Imperial Stout in the morning. American style Pale Ale and Barley Wine in the afternoon. I make a mental note to remember not to ask to judge those categories ... at least the strong ones. Don't get me wrong, I love to judge but it actually kind of sets my mood for the day. I knew it was going to be a long day. Judging went well.

I had to address my Green Chile jones so headed off to the Jack N Grill on Federal Blvd. Great New Mexican( as in the state) style cooking. Very Albuquerque.... I enjoyed the Green Chile Stuffed Sopapilla. It was awesome and huge! The folks at this place will take your picture and put it on their wall if you clear your plate. I was hungry but I took about half of my meal home.

I just kept on thinking about trying to get Garrett Oliver in this place and having him ask the waitress if he could bring in a bottle of Saison Du Pont to enjoy with an order of stacked enchiladas smothered in Red and Green Chile.... A little video loop in my head. Sorry, but I just had too!

Later that evening, the Judges reception at Wynkoop. It was nice to see the many faces I have come to know over the years. I made a circuit of the room, had a nice couple of chats and headed out to a private party.

The party was organized via the Burgundian Babble Belt which is a loosely knit group of Belgian beer afficandos who call the BBB home. The BBB is an internet bulletin board/posting forum and is a great source of information on a host of topics all to do with beer, with the main emphasis being Belgium and Belgian beer. I could go on, but suffice it to say I give it the highest marks for one of my favorite topics Belgian Beer. The party had started hours before so most of my friends were rather, well shall we say, well lubricated. It was great to see/meet everyone but I must say that my good friend Joris Pattyn from Ursel Belgium was there and really not able to put into words how great it was to be there. Joris was in Denver to judge at the GABF, and I was glad to know he was having a good time during his "time off." The beer at this party was courtesy of the hosts, Logan and Doctor Bill as they are known on the BBB. I'm very sure that much other beer was provided by the many, many guests. Doc Bill in particular kept on handing things to try it was really amazing. I tried Deus and Malhuer Brut for the first time. If you guys are reading, thanks alot!

Time for bed!

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