Apr 20, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Todd Ashman

Flossmoor Station - Sept. 22

I'm back in Flossmoor now after spending 48 hours in Green Bay. Flossmoor is starting to feel a little less like home and a place I'm only going to have as a memory soon. This week will give me time to think about the last 7 years I've spent at FSBC. It will be great to represent the brewery one last time at the GABF. This week will also give me an opprotunity to look forward at what my time Titletown Brewing Company will bring.

The wait is now over and I'm just about 24 hours away from a plane ride that will put me into the Denver International Airport. I imagine I'll need to head right over to the Embassy Suites for judges orientation. I look forward to judging - it truly appeals to me as it allows me to use my sensory skills and "test" myself against my fellow judges. Not really to see who is better but rather if we are picking up the same things. I openly confess to not being the best at judging, but I honestly know I become much better at the process by judging not only at the GABF but the World Beer Cup, Real Ale Festival and other events.

Now is the time to start the countdown to Saturday 1:30 p.m. It looks as though Mayor Hinkenlooper will address us before the awards ceremony. Just how cool will it be to have the mayor of a major US city who also happens to be the founder of a very well known brewpub giving us a "pep" talk prior to the awards being annouced? It's a great time to be a brewer.

Aside from the clock ticking backwards ... I'll be in Denver tomorrow. One step closer to getting off or on (depends on how you see it) this ride. Flossmoor and Denver may not be that far apart, but being there is half the battle.

See you in Denver!

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