Apr 20, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Todd Ashman

Flossmoor Station - Sept. 16

Today at the brewery we hunkered down and tried our bottles. Well, six of the seven we sent. We talked about each of them and a couple I personally am not really happy with. This almost always happens since putting beer in bottles is really about the worst thing you can do it. The beer seems to change a bit. Sometimes it brings out a complexity you don't taste in draft, but almost always it is negative. Since we don't package, sometimes the carbonation level isn't quite right or sometimes there is an off flavor in one of our lighter beers. Of course my hopes are high, but in reality I've already counted a few of my entries "out of the race." It all goes back to what you plan to enter, and how it all comes together. Of course, now it all comes down to what tastes the best on the table the day the beers are judged....

If you are coming to Denver and you catch me at the Festival, or at Falling Rock, or enjoying some green chile somewhere, say hi! Tell me you're reading these diaries and what you think of our "tales of ale."

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