Apr 21, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Todd Ashman

Germantown, Wis. - Sept. 4

GABF dropoff points are distributors that have graciously agreed to house kegs that will end up on the festival floor. I'm sure it takes up a lot of their time and manpower to deal with this. I'm sure they get some perks but in the end it's got to be for the love of it.

That being said, Flossmoor to be one of the most distant from the drop off point. We're 25 miles south of Chicago and our drop off point at Better Brands in Germantown is easily 15 miles northwest of Milwaukee. It's a good two and a half hours each way.

So over the years it has become more of a ritual than a hassle. It's got to be done, so why not make the most of it? Stopping along the way to enjoy cheese and sausage, and admiring the many Harley Davidson's out these days on the 100th anniversary of that motorcycle.

We get up to Better Brands and we see our contact. He's happy to see us and wishes us good luck. We tell him thanks not only for us but for all breweries dropping beer off there. I'll miss driving up from Flossmoor to Germantown, but that's another story.

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