Jun 24, 2018

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GABF brewers' diaries

Todd Ashman

Flossmoor Station - Sept. 2

This is when you know you're in it like it or not, and there is no going back. We've planned the beers, we entered them, we confirmed them and put the beer into bottles. Hopefully everything was marked right....

Out of the cooler comes the beer seven 6 packs in all. Each beer must be labeled with it's respective name, category number (and subcategory letter) and style identification. Since the bottles are cold the labels must be taped on. Each bottle is them wrapped in bubble wrap top to bottom and taped. Two boxes are being sent, three 6 packs in one four in the other. Orca gel pack ice is placed on tope of the bottles which have been place into a beer case box. The box is then closed with a couple of copies of the local beer newspaper to seal it a bit. We think it creates a litle cold box of sorts. The shipping boxes are filled with newspaper and other stuff to cushion the inside box as much as possible.

Marking them "fragile yeast samples," we take the boxes to the local Fed Ex office. I've always worried about shipping because of a host of things possibly going wrong. Once again we just kick back and wait ....

Next, kegs for the festival.

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