Nov 12, 2018



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  • Bullshit
    Like Thumper, players choose a label before the game, but these tags identify the player by an anima ...

  • Fuzzy Duck
    To start, the first person simply looks to his right and says, "Fuzzy Duck." The next person follows ...

  • Ibble Dibble
    What you will need: ...

  • Whales Tales
    Very confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Beer and people with an imaginati ...

  • Wuss, Douche Bag, Fucker
    Nothing quite like a game where you must use these three words. The play is very very similar to Bou ...

  • Zoom, Schwartz, Bifigliano
    This tag game uses the words, Zoom, Schwartz, and Bifigliano as directional markers for the tag. ...

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