Beer Game: Bullshit

Category: Tag Games

Beer Games Like Thumper, players choose a label before the game, but these tags identify the player by an animal's excrement: dogshit, apeshit, yackshit, etc. One player commences the game by shouting, "Someone shit in the parlor." Everyone yells back, "Who shit?" Player one picks/tags someone, "dogshit." The player named Dogshit defiantly responds, "Bullshit." Player one then asks, (as if to say, if not you...) "Who shit?" and Dogshit blames the next person, "apeshit." Apeshit says "Bullshit." Dogshit asks :Who shit?" and Apehshit goes on to blame someone else. And so it
goes until someone breaks the rhythm or responds incorrectly. In addition from the pure glee one gets from the unrestrained use of profanity, there's the pleasure derived from calling your friends such affectionate names. Two names that add to the challenge: Bullshit (for obvious reasons) and Eweshit (which sounds accusingly like, "you shit"). Add headfakes to the latter. By the way, the profanity rule is waved for this game.

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