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In addition to drinking games you can play at parties, and while hanging out with friends, we also have links to several online games.

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When sitting down and enjoying a real beer, you're more likely to find yourself in conversation than in games. If you like nostalgia and humor, this section covers some games you may have enjoyed and some that are complete send-ups (read: not to be taken seriously) provided as conversation pieces.

The standard disclaimer here is that you must be of legal drinking age to consume beer, and you can substitute non-alcoholic beverages in the games as well.

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BEERchesi / BEERgammon / BEERopoly / Beer Chess / Beer Gammon / Beer Golf / Beer softball / and much more!

Card Games
Aces / Acey-Facey / Asshole / Beer 99 / Beer Blow / Beer Slut / Beeramid / and much more!

Coin Games
Psycho / Anchor Man and Robo Quarters / Anchorman / Beer Battleship / Chade / Chandeliers / Dimes / and much more!

Dice Games
THE INVITER / 6 Cups / 7,11, or doubles / Beer Die / Boxing / Chase the Ace / Desperate to Drink / and much more!

Baseball / Beat the Barman / Beer Bungee / Beer Hunter / Beer Pot / Beer Race / BeerBall / and much more!

Miscellaneous Mish-Mosh of Icebreakers
Boot-A-Bout / Burnout / Camp Master / Cardinal Puff / Categories / FLIP THE CUP / Frisbeer / and much more!

Movie/T.V. Games
Batbeer / Beavis and Butthead (TV game) / Beers for Cheers / Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure / Brady Bunch drinking game / Caddyshack / Casino Movie Game / and much more!

Skill Games
BEERATHLON / Beer Bomb / Beer Pong / Beer-Root / Blow Pong / Bouncing Ball / Buzz / and much more!

Tag Games
Bullshit / Fuzzy Duck / Ibble Dibble / Whales Tales / Wuss, Douche Bag, Fucker / Zoom, Schwartz, Bifigliano / and much more!

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