Oct 13, 2015



Beer humor

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A cowboy walked into a bar and ordered a beer. The barman said,

"Hey pardner, your hat's made of brown wrapping paper."

"Yep," said the cowboy, "and so's my shirt, my vest, my chaps, my pants, and even my boots and spurs. Truth be told, even the saddle, blanket and bridle on my horse is made of brown paper. Guess that's why folks call me The Brown Paper Cowboy."

A few weeks later, another cowboy comes in the bar, the barman says,

"We had The Brown Paper Cowboy in here a few weeks back, ever hear of him?"

"Yep," says the second cowboy, "I hear he was hanged down in Texas the other week."

"What for," said the barman.

"Why for rustling of course."


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