Sep 21, 2017



Beer humor

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A man walks into a bar and boasts, "I'm a wine expert. I can tell you everything about a wine just by tasting it."

The bartender decides to test him. After blindfolding the wine expert, the bartender pours him a glass of red wine. The wine expert tastes it and says, "Ah, this is a French Chateau Lafitte-Pierre, '92, harvested during a slight drought, and the grapes were crushed by a man wearing striped trousers and bifocals."

Impressed, the bartender offers him a second glass of wine. "This is an Italian wine, a Pinot Grigio, '94, a small vineyard near the coast, and the grapes were harvested during the full moon."

The testing goes on and on, with the expert offering more and more details about each wine he tastes. The bartender becomes irritated and decides to play a trick on the wine expert. Hurrying outside, he fills a glass with urine from his horse, then rushes back into the bar and offers it to the wine expert.The wine expert tastes it, then spits it out. "Ptoo! Ugh! This is nothing but urine!"

The bartender replies, "Yeah, but whose?"


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