Dec 23, 2014



Beer humor

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A shrimp goes into a bar and after a little while a crab comes up to buy her a drink. They start talking and soon fall madly in love.

They then begin to date regularly, and everything's going great until the shrimp tells her father that she's dating a handsome young crab and wants to introduce him to the family.

"I will never allow a crab in his house!" the father responds angrily, "Crabs can't even walk straight, and I forbid you to ever see him again."

Devastated, the shrimp sends off a tear stained letter informing him that she has to break off the relationship, then cries her self to sleep. But later that night she hears a terrible banging on the door and goes downstairs to investigate. It's the crab standing at the door with a wild look in his eyes.

"You can't stay here," she says, "My father won't allow it."

"Stand aside," he bellows and walks right into the house. But much to her amazement, he's no longer walking crooked.

"Why, why ... you're walking straight," she says. "Shut up," he answers, "I'm drunk!"


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