Oct 26, 2016



Beer humor

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Three guys in a bar; a Texan, a Californian, and a Seattlite. They drink, They get crazy. The Texan grabs a bottle of Tequila, unscrews the top, takes a good swig, and throws the bottle into the air. He then pulls out a .45 caliber pistol and shoots the bottle, spraying Tequila all over everything.

The other patrons at the bar shout "Hey, why'd you waste that?!" The Texan says, "Heck, it's just Tequila, where I come from, we got lotsa Tequila."

The Californian whips out a corkscrew and opens a bottle of wine, pours some into a glass, swirls the glass, and sips it, then throws the bottle in the air, and shoots it with a little silver pistol.

The patrons again express their displeasure and astonishment at such a waste of a bottle of wine. The Californian says, "Napa Valley, we got lots of great wine down there."

The Seattlite borrows the opener, pops the top off a bottle of Pyramid and downs the whole bottle. He throws the empty bottle into the air, shoots the Californian and simultaneously catches the falling bottle. Now the people are screaming, "Why'd you do that?!" The Seattlite replies, "We got lots of Californians, but I got to recycle this bottle."


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