Beer Game: Anchorman

Category: Coin Games

Beer Games

Required elements: 2 teams of four people, one pitcher of beer, a glass of beer for each player, a glass to shoot quarters into, a quarter or two.

Rules: Each team first picks an anchorman. Each team's players take turns shooting the quarter into the glass, with the object of getting three quarters in. They don't have to be made in a row, just three quarters in the glass. When one team makes three, the other team must drink the entire pitcher of beer. The manner of drinking is important. Each of the first three drinker must place the pitcher to his/her mouth and begin drinking. They then proceed to drink as much beer as possible, but the second that their lips leave the pitcher, they must pass it to the next
drinker. The anchorman is the last drinker, and must consequently finish all of the beer left in the pitcher. Other rules include: If you shoot the quarter and it lands in the
pitcher, you must drink the entire pitcher. Strategies: Try not to be anchorman, and if you are, be really nice to the people on your team so they will drink lots of beer.

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