Beer Game: Beer Battleship

Category: Coin Games
Submitted By: Chris Driscoll (

Beer Games It is played on a table of 8 to 10 feet, three people per team.

Each team puts 10 cups in a triangle. The row of cups on the edge of the table has to be a thumbnail's length from the edge of the table. Each cup is filled about 1/3 with beer while the front cup, called the "flag-ship" must always be full. Each person goes in turn throwing a quarter at the opposing cups. When a cup is hit, a member of the opposing team must slam the beer and the cup is removed from the triangle, the teams take turns throwing. The game goes on until one of the teams has "hit" all the opposing teams cups. The order that the team members throw, is the order that they drink, so, if I threw the first quarter, I have the first drink and so on. It hard to explain how the order of drinking goes, the only way I can describe it is that if I am on one team, and I have the first throw, I have the first drink, the first person to drink always drinks their own teams first, fourth, seventh, and tenth cups and so on. So, even if my team has one cup gone from our triangle and my turn to throw the quarter comes back to me, it's not my turn to drink again until the second and third persons on my team have drank. If my team "hits" all the other teams cups, we win, and through out the party, people get teams together and decide who plays next game, the team who won plays until they lose.

The order of drinking and the order of throwing are only relevant in the beginning of the game, after that it doesn't match, as long as the order of throwing and the order of drinking stays the same.

Some other little rules: the first game, the quarter is flipped to see who which team throws first. If a quarter hits a cup and the cup falls off the table and spills, the team that the cup belonged to fills the cup and whoever's turn is was to drink must drink it down to the appropriate level(1/3 full) and replace the cup in the position it was. At the end of the game, the cups remaining on the winners side of the table are given to the losing team to drink.

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