Category: Endurence/Luck/Blotto

Beer Games Played with 3 or more players, a few cases of desired beer and one medium-sized glass.

Each person drinks first beer at own rate. When first beer is finished, put empty beer can upside down and in front of each player. This is their basket. Play starts with first person to consume beer. Each player is to shoot quarter on top of upside down can. The quarter must stay on for it to count. The last person to shoot quarter on top of can is loser for the round. He is to consume the beer in the medium-sized glass. Here is the good part (or bad part). When loser touches glass, the other people at the table again shoot for their basket. If any person makes the shot on top of the beer can before loser can finish and put down beer in the medium-sized glass, loser must go again. If loser finishes before this, new game begins. Loser is first to shoot in next game. RULES: In loser round, if loser can trick person into shooting quarter before his hand hits the medium-sized glass, the person who shot quarter too soon becomes loser, and has to now consume glass while others shoot to beat him. Loser always begins next round. If he can trick someone into shooting at their basket before he releases quarter, the person who shot quarter goes to loser round and consumes medium-sized glass (while others shoot to beat him).

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